Tandem Flights

Where the souls fly | Ta tukari p+wiene

Paragliding in Nayarit will be the experience of your life!

With the highly qualified instructors of Alas del Hombre it is the simplest, safest and most natural way to experience the dream of flying like birds. No previous experience or knowledge is required to fly accompanied by an instructor, our instructors are highly qualified specialists and make an average of 350 flights a year, knowing perfectly the area where you are going to make your flight.
With the high standards of quality, professionalism and certifications that Alas del Hombre has, you will get an experience without comparison.

Tandem Flight San Blas at Tecuitata, Nayarit

Pleasant and smooth panoramic flight, with incredible views facing the sea, flying over tropical jungles and mango and coffee plantations, with possible landings in Playa de Los Cocos. The visit to San Blas and its estuaries are something that you cannot miss, as well as tasting its traditional Pescado Sarandeado and Chicharrón de Pescado.
Season: All year.
You should bring: Sunglasses, comfortable running shoes (preferably boots), sunscreen.

Tandem Flight $2,295 MXN

Includes: Diploma, local transport, insurance and taxes.

Flight Duration: 20 minutes.
Photo or Video Package: $395 MXN


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